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We Want Service. Not Products!

Three months ago I wrote: “People will eventually have to adapt to the fact that in order to make a living, they have to be willing to serve.” Not the government. A company. Or a church. But other people. Directly….

May 14, 2011, by


Why Helping Others is the Best Way to Spend Your Time

When we as people have fulfilled our basic needs like food and shelter, we are free to do other things. So, what are the options? Some people go fishing, others read a book, go dancing, do yoga, participate in public…

August 24, 2010, by


Life After Work: Is there one? – Coping Strategies for Over-Achievers

Once you leave your day job and start working online as a freelancer or entrepreneur you will get rid of all your troubles. Right? That’s what many people believe. And I admit that this is what I believed, too at…

August 19, 2010, by