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How Interactive Can A Book Become Before It Stops Being a Book?

After the positive replies I received regarding my 5-minute mini story project, I decided to work on something longer while still staying true to the principle of keeping things short and digestible. The result of which I would like to…

April 4, 2012, by


The Role Of Reading In The Age Of Constant Digital Distraction

While some people still entertain themselves with the predictable mudfight of “ebook vs paper book”, I find another question far more interesting, namely the role of reading in the age of continuous partial attention. How do we read in the…

April 2, 2012, by


The Unbearable Uncertainty Of Ebooks

A book, printed on paper, bound in leather or glued together is a comforting thing. You can put it on a shelf, and it won’t go anywhere. If you scrawl in the margins, it will remain. If you leave it…

February 23, 2012, by


All You Need Is A Good Idea: How We Create Our Own ‘Entertainment Industry’

In the wake of publishing two picture books for German language learners I became aware again of how how the Internet is the perfect roadbed for fresh ideas. Both of these publications have become instant best sellers.  Did I need…

February 20, 2012, by


Why We Don’t Need Anti-Piracy Laws But More Artist & Consumer Awareness

In the wake of recent discussions about ACTA, SOPA, PIPA and a number of other Orwellian acronyms, the lines have been drawn rigidly. While the claims of anti-piracy lobbyists that illegal downloads destroy artists’ lives and lead to the annihilation…

February 14, 2012, by


A 5 Minute German Mini Course [FREE DOWNLOAD]

In almost every language course there’s a part about grammar and looking at tables of conjugations and declensions. I still remember the faces of my students in Berlin whenever I whipped out the Irregular Verbs Worksheets… Now, I have to…

February 7, 2012, by


A Short Story About The Middle East

( tl;dr – wrote a short story, you can download it here) I’ve lived both in the Far and Middle East. Both experiences left strong memories, traces, impressions. And I noticed very early that if I wanted to convey any…

January 19, 2012, by


My Indie Publishing Year In Review Distilled Into 5 Core Insights

As the year 2011 is quickly draining away and being replaced with new plans, ideas and ambitions for the next, let’s take a look back. But instead of just listing everything that we’ve done here (boring!), I’ll give it to…

December 30, 2011, by


Use Your Kindle To Learn A Foreign Language

Kindle devices and other e-readers are one of the most convenient and pleasant ways to consume digital text. Contrary to tablets, desktops and smartphones, the screens of e-readers like the Kindle enable you to read for hours without eye-strain, thanks…

December 27, 2011, by


Time-Tunnel Publishing: Medieval Writing In The Ebook Age

It’s not easy being an independent publisher. If you don’t have mountains of cash to fork out so that other people will do the formatting, cover design, price setting, etc. for you it’s all in your hands, which can become quite…

November 22, 2011, by


Experiments In Collaborative ePublishing

40 days ago I posted here on this blog that I wanted to try something different for the publication of my next ebook: Instead of going over the text myself over and over again, fixing broken syntax and hunting for typos…

November 13, 2011, by

Indie Publishing

What Independent Book Publishers Can Learn From Alternative Music Publishing

Since the first book came cranked out of Gutenberg’s printing press, not much has changed for the reader. A book is still a collection of printed pages. You don’t need any special equipment to read it. You can use it anywhere,…

November 6, 2011, by