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“Please Turn Off the Internet. It Scares Us.”

The “ultimate gothic high tech figure”, Nicolas Sarkozy has put himself at the front of a Lost War: To Civilize the Internet. That’s right. The War on the Internet as we know it. What was it again that Bruce Sterling…

May 29, 2011, by


On Power, Authority, and Egypt

Analyzing the Revolts In a long analysis of the Egyptian unrest and the possibility of the overthrow of the Mubarak presidency, long-time left-of-center middle east observer Juan Cole wrote in “Egypt’s Class Conflict“: Why has the Egyptian state lost its…

January 30, 2011, by


We’re not lacking any Information

The amount of information we consume everyday is more than one person in the past had access to in his or her whole lifetime. Books used to be copied by hand in monasteries. They were treasured possessions. Not everyone could…

October 2, 2010, by