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Simplicity as Teaching Tool

Working with children taught me that whenever I need to understand (or explain) something, it’s best to start at zero. There’s no need to bring former knowledge, opinions or experience. For adults this is more difficult than children, so it…

April 30, 2012, by

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How To Dismantle Your Apartment in Less Than 6 Weeks

One year ago at this time, I did something noone prepared me for: I reduced everything that I own to the size of a suitcase. Why? My wife and I had decided to move to a foreign country which was…

December 18, 2011, by


Are You Greener than Your Grandpa?

This post is about a form of environmentalism as portrayed by Bruce Sterling in his 2009 Reboot 11 closing talk. 2 years old yes, but as valid as ever. Before we come to this, let me lay out some context….

April 7, 2011, by


Waiting for the Next Weekend? – Simplify, Connect, Enjoy – NOW!

The weather is beautiful. People are walking the city, sitting in cafes, having barbecues in the park. It is a typical Sunday. For most of us, tomorrow will be Monday, (or maybe it already is in your timezone) Monday, for…

August 9, 2010, by