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How To Dismantle Your Apartment in Less Than 6 Weeks

One year ago at this time, I did something noone prepared me for: I reduced everything that I own to the size of a suitcase. Why? My wife and I had decided to move to a foreign country which was…

December 18, 2011, by


How To Use The Net To Escape The Net

  Internet, the final frontier. Endless. Silent. Waiting. This is the story of our daily enterprise to seek out all relevant information and contact others like us. To explore. To travel the vast expanse of data, where no man has…

October 25, 2011, by


How To Slow Down Your Life And Kick-Start Your Online Business

In a recent study by San Francisco State University 12 college students were observed while composing text-messages. All of them showed signs of increased heart rate, respiration, skin conductance and electrical activity in their muscles. Not only did 83 %…

June 27, 2011, by


Are You Greener than Your Grandpa?

This post is about a form of environmentalism as portrayed by Bruce Sterling in his 2009 Reboot 11 closing talk. 2 years old yes, but as valid as ever. Before we come to this, let me lay out some context….

April 7, 2011, by


Getting Rid of the ‘Mindful’ Myth

Sometimes we use words without thinking too much about what they mean or where they come from. And while it is true that in everyday communication, where we tend to speak very vaguely, the “gist of it” is generally enough…

March 30, 2011, by