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How The Cloud Killed The Library

It was not long ago that every home had a shrine of collected media: CDs, DVDs, books neatly organized for quick reference and dusted off daily for the prying eyes of neighbors and potential mating partners. In reverse these shelves…

February 13, 2013, by

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Free Media Center Solutions For Sofa Browsing

About seven years ago I painted my television’s screen with thick bright colors to turn the distracting time-sucking device into a permanent artwork. My friends resorted to even more drastic measures such as cutting the power cord with scissors (turn…

January 2, 2012, by


How To Use The Net To Escape The Net

  Internet, the final frontier. Endless. Silent. Waiting. This is the story of our daily enterprise to seek out all relevant information and contact others like us. To explore. To travel the vast expanse of data, where no man has…

October 25, 2011, by


Logging in to Log Off: Non-Mediated Nostalgia and the Point of No Return

As regular readers know, much of my writing circles around the awesomeness of being connected, like being able to work from anywhere and get access to all kinds of cool people and information – and the looming recognition- that being…

April 29, 2011, by


How Social Media Leads to “Social Crash”

We have seen the Financial Crisis. We got bailed out into a hypothetical state of stability. But how to bail out when social network relationships fail? Introduction The more our relationships of networking and nurturing are being outsourced to the…

April 5, 2011, by


5 Things Everybody Ought to Know About Online Learning

When you think of your childhood school-time, chances are that your memories are very similar to those of many other people from all kinds of generations, countries or cultures and look something like this: “Sitting in rows, facing a teacher…

March 29, 2011, by


The Age of Infovores, the Grazing Brain and Binge Processing

Today I stumbled over an article written in 2008 in the Wall Street Journal, titled “Why We’re Powerless To Resist Grazing On Endless Web Data”. The author uses the metaphor of a cat hunting for the red dot produced by…

March 7, 2011, by

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Mongering Hope

Deny Not Others Their Hope. Semi-occasionally, I glance at the blog by Andrew Sullivan. Not that this is his fault, as he’s quoting two other people having an online argument, but this post is grievously depressing. Essentially, it began with…

December 13, 2010, by

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Why Prosecuting Wikileaks is a Bad Joke

Neither Funny Nor Wise Let me briefly dwell upon why the idea of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder prosecuting Julian Assange of Wikileaks is a seriously flawed piece of fiction. First, a couple of short facts out of the way….

November 30, 2010, by

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Secrecy and Diplomacy in the Age of Wikileaks

So, The Cat’s Out Of The Bag As I write these words, headline after headline trickles out revealing the latest diplomatic secret from the latest batch of Wikileaks’ leaks, namely, contents from a giant electronic repository of U.S. diplomatic cables….

November 29, 2010, by


Are You Ready for the 21st Century ?

In my last article I wrote about the way the Internet changes our world and sketched out a few points. I also found a video for you which will give you some more ideas. I don’t necessarily agree with everything…

November 28, 2010, by


The Internet is not a Mass Medium. Or is it?

The term “mass medium” was coined in the early 20th century and referred to magazines, newspapers, radio & television broadcasts. I remember the times when watching an MTV music video on color television fried every teenager’s excitement-circuits, slouched in front…

November 28, 2010, by