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Helping “With Your English” Vs. “With A Test”

As an English tutor, I like to present contrasts. By using “Vs.” (versus), I define a word or phrase not by what it is, but what it is not. This is often the easier and better method by far. In…

March 9, 2010, by


Figurative Meaning: Explanations & Examples

Literal vs. Figurative Meanings When discussing American English idioms, or expressions, or sayings, it is very important to understand the difference between the “literal” and “figurative” meanings of a word or phrase. “Literal” has the same root as “literary,”…

March 6, 2010, by


“Rescue the Princess”: The Psychology and Neuroscience of Social Media in the Generation Gap of Digital Natives & Immigrants

Working with students and teachers from all over the world in different timezones, I have recently stumbled upon the fact, that our sleeping patterns as “digital natives” might severely differ from those of earlier generations; Not only state, but also…

January 31, 2010, by

Learning English

Teaching Principles

A short presentation by our English teacher Jeremiah Bourque.

January 20, 2010, by


Learning knowledge online

here’s an interesting video that makes a strong case about education in general and web learning in particular.

January 5, 2010, by