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The Great Firewall Of Foreign Language

In the age of Instant Translation we tend to forget that language is still a big barrier in the way of global communication. The internet experience of an average user in China or America for example is vastly different, not…

February 3, 2013, by

Language Learning

5 False Prophets In Language Teaching

Learning a language is a very personal endeavor. Each individual uses different ways to reach the same result: being able to communicate in a foreign language. But the road to success is paved with hardship and empty promises from “false…

January 29, 2013, by

Language Learning

3 Teaching Ideas For That Last Lesson Before The Holidays

Whether you’re planning to cover a few last minute lessons before finals this semester or planning for next year, including an international holiday study into your curriculum is fun, educational and useful. While the entire semester is filled with lessons…

December 22, 2011, by

Language Learning

4 Quick Ways To Use (Social) Media In Foreign Language Teaching

Sometimes, taking a class to learn a language isn’t quite enough. For people that are moving to a new country and want to learn the native tongue of the land, a class or textbook might leave you in the dark…

November 11, 2011, by


Through Thick & Thin: Why Languages Are Like Friends

There are (at least) two kinds of language learners. One needs to learn a language in order to reach a certain goal. This goal may reach from getting a visa, writing an application to communicating to your spouse from “over-seas”….

August 28, 2010, by