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The Digital Revolution Kills Jobs Faster Than It Creates New Ones

There are two kinds of people: those who complain about disruption and those who celebrate it. The former are the dying indie bookstores, music labels, film industry, little publishing houses unhappy with Amazon’s ToS — the latter are the start-up generation,…

May 14, 2013, by


“Creating your own Job is sexy – and the Internet makes it possible”

Everyone loves the Internet. It’s a place of endless music, streaming movies, research, shopping opportunities and cat pictures. It enables us to talk with people on the other side of the planet at the tap of a finger. In short,…

December 20, 2012, by


Why Serendipity Is A Core Requirement For Tomorrow’s Career Planning

Serendipity is a term that’s not easily translatable. In fact, it has been voted as one of the 10 English words hardest to translate. According to the Oxford dictionary it was coined in 1754 by Horace Walpole, “suggested by The…

November 2, 2011, by


Hey Kids, We’re On A Road To Nowhere!

Do you remember the day you finished school? (Or maybe you’re still looking forward to it…) That feeling to finally venture out into the Big Wide World full of adventures and achievements. That sweet promise of freedom! The looming sense of…

July 14, 2011, by