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The Benefits of Private Online Classes – a personal report

In the last decade that I have been working at a private school in Berlin I had the great privilege of being able to observe, experiment and thus learn a lot about how to teach languages, what works, what doesn’t…

March 26, 2010, by

Learning English

Education: A Key, Not A Cage

I believe that language is a key to knowledge, not a cage within which to confine the learner’s mind. This essay is dedicated to exploring the issue of education in modern America. A new book by education historian Diane Ravitch…

March 17, 2010, by


Media Literacy Awareness [VIDEO]

A big part of being a teacher today (whether online or offline) involves being “fluent” in contemporary media and adapting to its quick-paced development; Whereas a century ago teachers had to deal with mostly written media, nowadays this is not…

March 16, 2010, by


Japanese for Beginners – Tomodachi

This episode explains the two components forming “tomodachi,” the basic Japanese words for “friend.” [audio:|autostart=no]

February 10, 2010, by


“Rescue the Princess”: The Psychology and Neuroscience of Social Media in the Generation Gap of Digital Natives & Immigrants

Working with students and teachers from all over the world in different timezones, I have recently stumbled upon the fact, that our sleeping patterns as “digital natives” might severely differ from those of earlier generations; Not only state, but also…

January 31, 2010, by