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Should You Convert Your Ebook Yourself, Or Hire A Professional?

In a recent blog post on Teleread, Juli Monroe mentioned an email (probably unsolicited) that advertised ebook-conversion services for “only $400”. The author called the price offer “ludicrous”, arguing that softwares such as Calibre and Scrivener enable authors to do…

August 15, 2013, by


Track Indie Book Sales Reports The Easy Way and Visualize Your Data

The 15th of the month is an important day for all of us indie-publishers and writers. It’s a day both eagerly anticipated and dreaded. It’s the day Amazon releases their monthly Kindle sales reports – in a horribly messed up…

January 15, 2013, by

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Why FREE and PAID Don’t Contradict

We’re living in the 21st century but in many ways we are still looking at life through 20th century glasses. It is this conflict or clash that characterizes most contemporary debates about privacy and copyright. From Mass Production To “Handcrafted”…

October 12, 2012, by

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Print On Demand Revisited: Lulu vs. CreateSpace

Before I started experimenting with creating ebooks for Kindle & Co last year, I briefly looked into print on demand services. Since in the pre-Internet days I had always been printing and xeroxing stories to share them with friends and…

August 29, 2012, by