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Turn Your Research Paper Into A Book: 5 Reasons To Self-Publish Your Work

Recently, I stumbled over an old research paper I had written in university. The term paper (a short treatise on classical perceptions of melancholy as a disease of the “four temperaments”) had survived on a backup copy of my website,…

November 13, 2013, by


My Indie Publishing Year In Review Distilled Into 5 Core Insights

As the year 2011 is quickly draining away and being replaced with new plans, ideas and ambitions for the next, let’s take a look back. But instead of just listing everything that we’ve done here (boring!), I’ll give it to…

December 30, 2011, by

Indie Publishing

What Independent Book Publishers Can Learn From Alternative Music Publishing

Since the first book came cranked out of Gutenberg’s printing press, not much has changed for the reader. A book is still a collection of printed pages. You don’t need any special equipment to read it. You can use it anywhere,…

November 6, 2011, by


Kindle: From Idea To Bestseller in 9 Days

It was 9 days ago that Eti Shani, Hebrew teacher and blogger came up with the idea to publish a little study-aid for learners of Biblical Hebrew on Kindle: A set of virtual flashcards that students can flip through by…

October 19, 2011, by


Who Wants To Help Me With This Ebook?

Over the last few weeks I have been working on producing another ebook release, which is part of my ongoing experimentation with the Amazon Kindle platform. What Is the Publication About? It all started with a post I had written…

October 4, 2011, by