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Yet Another Free Picture Book For German Learners (And Some Ruminations About Audio-Augmented Ebooks)

After I published “Peter und das Huhn” last week I was completely mindboggled. It was downloaded hundreds of times within just a few hours and received lots of positive feedback. What started out as just a little experiment (yours truly…

February 16, 2012, by


My Indie Publishing Year In Review Distilled Into 5 Core Insights

As the year 2011 is quickly draining away and being replaced with new plans, ideas and ambitions for the next, let’s take a look back. But instead of just listing everything that we’ve done here (boring!), I’ll give it to…

December 30, 2011, by


Experiments In Collaborative ePublishing

40 days ago I posted here on this blog that I wanted to try something different for the publication of my next ebook: Instead of going over the text myself over and over again, fixing broken syntax and hunting for typos…

November 13, 2011, by

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What Independent Book Publishers Can Learn From Alternative Music Publishing

Since the first book came cranked out of Gutenberg’s printing press, not much has changed for the reader. A book is still a collection of printed pages. You don’t need any special equipment to read it. You can use it anywhere,…

November 6, 2011, by


Kindle: From Idea To Bestseller in 9 Days

It was 9 days ago that Eti Shani, Hebrew teacher and blogger came up with the idea to publish a little study-aid for learners of Biblical Hebrew on Kindle: A set of virtual flashcards that students can flip through by…

October 19, 2011, by