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6 Common Greek Idiomatic Phrases Or Expressions

Daily, Greeks use idiomatic phrases or expressions and you may be surprised when you hear them for the first time. If you literally translate them they do not make much sense! Weird, right? Now, you are thinking… if they don’t…

February 28, 2019, by

Learning English

9th Innings, Closers, and Politics

Baseball Idioms In Politics Here’s an excerpt from this article on a bill to boost health compensation to “first responders” (health workers, firefighters, police officers) who responded to the World Trade Center attacks and are believed to have suffered higher…

December 22, 2010, by


English Comprehension: Apple’s Communication Gap

For English Language Learners We will be using the story at CNN linked below for English comprehension, with a key focus on idiomatic expressions. This is also for all the good people at the Facebook page, English Idioms, which I…

December 7, 2010, by

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Here’s Some Food For Thought

The Full Version, For Free I released this as a preview before but, it’s more important that the people who actually need this sort of thing, a primer on 50 English idiomatic expressions relating to food, obtain it for free….

November 29, 2010, by

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New Idioms eBook! “Food for Thought”

Introducing “Food for Thought,” an eBook by Jeremiah Bourque about food idioms and how to use them. 50 idiomatic expressions related to food Powerful visual images to help you learn & remember Examples of how to use each idiom in…

July 29, 2010, by


Your Shape Is Your Health [PODCAST]

In today’s episode you can learn a few idioms around the theme of health, like “I am in great shape”, “You are in bad shape” or “You need to get back into shape!” Thank you for your time. [audio: Shape…

February 5, 2010, by