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Why “Ain’t Got” Is Doubly Wrong

A Russian requesting a free sample lesson from me asked me about the word “ain’t.” He also asked about its use in the phrase, “ain’t got.” These are good questions. I wanted to share with the world the good answers…

August 3, 2010, by

Learning English

How To Learn English

Learning how these elements work together is the most critical and important element in learning, and understanding, the English language.

April 18, 2010, by

Learning English

Free Lesson: English Phrasal Verbs 1 [VIDEO]

a lesson by Jeremiah Bourque. (intro via “open-source audio” @ archive dot org Did you like this video? This is just one example of many lesson packs soon to be released as digital downloads in Learn Out Live’s shop,…

April 16, 2010, by

Learning English

Robert, I, and Me

UPDATE: The original post was simply in error about the exact grammatical issue. For this, I apologize to everyone. The issue is not one of sentence positioning, but of whether the pronoun is a subject of a sentence (Robert and…

April 12, 2010, by

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The Present Perfect, and Present Perfect Continuous

This is my attempt to explain the present perfect tense, and the present perfect continuous tense (a.k.a. the progressive tense), without causing your head to explode. Wish me luck. The present perfect uses this structure: You have grown since the…

March 22, 2010, by