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Will BitCoin Ruin Us or Make Us Rich?

There are days when you realize that the future, once distant and glorious, pregnant with potentials has arrived a long time ago – and is here to stay, cramming its utter weirdness right down the throat of our present on…

May 31, 2011, by


Where Democracy Goes to Die… (Coming Soon To A Country Near You)

When I first saw the images of what’s happening in Spain, I was dumbstruck to see how similar they looked to those from the incidents in Egypt, just a few months ago. If it weren’t for the buildings in the…

May 27, 2011, by


How to Steal a Fake Account and Get Offered A Job for Using it Like a Pro

Today I read a kind of story which I would like to read more often. It’s the story of a state-run television, Twitter and two normal people like you and me. Flashback to 2009: Marco Bereth (25) from Southern Germany…

April 18, 2011, by


The Future of Governments in Times of Interconnected Global Communities

We’ve all heard the stories and seen the images that depict the Internet as an evil spying eye of governments, Orwellian worries equating Google with Big Brother, etc. As much as I respect criticism and critical thinking as a means…

October 31, 2010, by


Facts and Futenma

Futenma (kanji: 普天間) is the name of the big American air base on Okinawa that has been the subject of much political controversy in recent years. The current Prime Minister of Japan, Yukio Hatoyama, has decided, under heavy, even overwhelming…

May 28, 2010, by