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Envisioning Technology For 2012 And Beyond

Every baby born today (Monday, 30th of October)  is part of  the 500,000 that will push the human population over the 7 billion mark, according to U.N. data. And within only 28 years it’s getting even more crowded: predictions speak…

October 31, 2011, by


3 Things Children Would Like To See In The Future Of The Net And Technology

In 2010, Latitude asked children from all over the world aged 12 and below about their hopes, wishes and expectations about the Internet and technology in general. The results are surprising, not just because the kids were asked to draw…

August 13, 2011, by


Hey Kids, We’re On A Road To Nowhere!

Do you remember the day you finished school? (Or maybe you’re still looking forward to it…) That feeling to finally venture out into the Big Wide World full of adventures and achievements. That sweet promise of freedom! The looming sense of…

July 14, 2011, by


Nailing the Coffin on “Internet Addiction”

We all have heard it before that someone is “addicted to the Internet” and secretly fear that we might be in danger of turning into online junkies, ourselves. It’s what our parents had warned us from. Only now it’s not…

May 5, 2011, by


Logging in to Log Off: Non-Mediated Nostalgia and the Point of No Return

As regular readers know, much of my writing circles around the awesomeness of being connected, like being able to work from anywhere and get access to all kinds of cool people and information – and the looming recognition- that being…

April 29, 2011, by


Why You Can’t Buy Time at Seven-Eleven

Last year at this time I was sitting in Middle Europe, waiting for spring to break through grey skies. Now I’m sitting in the Middle East, watching the sun go down over the ocean and drinking Arabic coffee. What’s the…

April 10, 2011, by


Does the Internet turn us into Naysayers?

You’ve seen it before: Someone posts an angry (political) rant and it spreads like wildfire through Social Networks, the nervous system of the global wired community, flanked by equally angry comments, bursts of “righteous indignation” and lots of exclamation marks….

March 31, 2011, by


5 Things Everybody Ought to Know About Online Learning

When you think of your childhood school-time, chances are that your memories are very similar to those of many other people from all kinds of generations, countries or cultures and look something like this: “Sitting in rows, facing a teacher…

March 29, 2011, by


Here’s Why Online Relationships are Mostly Misunderstood

Recently, I read an article called “The Social Media Bubble” by Umair Haque, Director of the Havas Media Lab on the Harvard Business Review Blog. Its hypothesis: The Net doesn’t increase connectivity and social change. In fact, it leans towards degeneration:…

March 25, 2011, by


The Future is Here: Now what?

Imagine you start documenting something that changes faster than it can be documented. This is the experience I’m currently having writing the sequel to “A Mindful Guide to Online Living”, which zooms in on one aspect of the “Online Living”…

March 2, 2011, by


Everybody wants to be Free. Nobody wants to change.

Have you ever heard your co-workers, classmates, etc. complain about their current situation? Something along the lines of “Not enough pay. Too many over-hours.” or “Stupid professors. Boring seminars.” and if you listen very closely you might hear the three…

November 23, 2010, by


A wink from the future…

“The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed” – William Gibson Few days after the volcano explosion in Iceland, followed by closing part of  the European air space for flights, we can pull back and see that nothing…

April 20, 2010, by