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Why You Shouldn’t Base Your Business or Your Online Experience on Facebook Only

The Internet is a big place. Sometimes it feels so big that we get tired of exploring, ploughing through endless fields of data, looking for fertile ground to build our businesses and grow personal relationships. Which makes us look for…

June 7, 2011, by


Why Facebook is Not the Internet or: The Difference between Leading and Cheerleading

Where my last post about the Spam known as “Social Media Marketing” was targeting the side-effects of digital socialization very broadly, today I want to take a closer look at one platform in particular: Facebook. My latest book talks about Social…

April 26, 2011, by


English Comprehension: Apple’s Communication Gap

For English Language Learners We will be using the story at CNN linked below for English comprehension, with a key focus on idiomatic expressions. This is also for all the good people at the Facebook page, English Idioms, which I…

December 7, 2010, by


Unveiling our first language learning APP for Facebook

Everybody loves a good game. This is why Eti Shani from the Hebrew department came up with the idea to build a memory game to help people learn animal vocabulary in Hebrew bring it to Facebook. I had the great…

October 30, 2010, by


Quacks and Giants: In Search of a Golden Middle in the Land of Online Livelihood

Years ago, when I first heard of the idea of working wirelessly (as I recently like to call it) – meaning an occupation which is independent of time and place – I was totally intrigued by it and started researching….

October 15, 2010, by


Are Online Friendships Real?

Recently, I’ve read an article on the BBC about “friend renting”, describing a website or service where you can rent a friend for one day for a fee. As weird as this may sound, it is actually a natural development…

October 10, 2010, by