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How To Break Out Of Your Filter Bubble And Reclaim Search Privacy

Do you remember the world before Google? I do, and then again, I don’t. Googling has become such an integral part of everyday existence that we aren’t really aware of it anymore. We take it for granted that when we…

April 8, 2012, by


Has Content Curation Become A New Creativity For The Masses?

When I first heard the term “digital content curation” I thought of Picasso-peddling online arts merchants, vernissages on Facebook and high heeled iPhone users staggering through Italian designer boutiques. But what does it really mean? Traditionally, the term curator refereed to…

March 27, 2012, by

Social Media

3 Things To Do Instead Of Facebooking

To those who’ve been reading this blog for a while, it will not come as a surprise that my relationship to Mr. Zuckerberg’s all-seing Social Network is… well… complicated. I haven’t yet deleted (sorry, it’s not possible to delete one’s Facebook…

March 11, 2012, by

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The Blue & White Blues or: How Facebook Protects Your Content From Yourself

Recently, I had an interesting talk with my mother who fervently refuses to be pulled into the fangs of the Social Network. She said something to the effect of: “Well, you see I’m not sitting in front of the screen…

March 2, 2012, by

Online Teaching

How To Stand Out to Capture & Hold Students’ Attention

Capturing a person’s attention is hard to do in this day and age. Between TV, the Internet, advertisements, politics, world hunger, animal rights, general plight and even what to have for dinner, our attention is in a constant state of…

October 26, 2011, by

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The New Facebook: Your Life Story in Likes Or: The Perfect Surveillance Machine

It was Jeremy Bentham who invented the Panopticon, a circular building with a tower in its center that allows “an observer to observe (-opticon) all (pan-) inmates of an institution without them being able to tell whether or not they…

October 2, 2011, by

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What Is StumbleUpon And How Can We Use It To Discover Stuff And Boost Traffic?

All the recent discussions about the alleged “epic battle” of the Social Networks Google+ and Facebook overshadow the fact that there’s a whole gamut of wildly useful tools, platforms and services besides them. StumbleUpon is one of these tools that…

August 17, 2011, by


How To Use Facebook Without Using Facebook In A Few Simple Steps

To Facebook or not to Facebook… that is the question. For some of us, at least… Many users have already given their answer, either by ditching it altogether and moving over to Twitter or G+, or whatever is considered hip…

August 14, 2011, by

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Where’s Your Home On The Internet? Of Refugee Camps and (B)log Cabins

One could argue that a part of humanity is already living parallel or “second” lives online, although these are much more complex than just mere “mirror” images or clones of our everyday existence. Many people wake up and the first thing…

August 5, 2011, by


How The Like-Button Killed All Credibility

It’s morning time. You make a coffee, open your browser and type: f The required effort is minimal. And Facebook is already loaded before you know if you’re still asleep or awake. Photos of other people’s babies snap you into…

July 8, 2011, by

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How To Give Facebook A Face-Lift!

If you’re using Facebook mainly for connecting to friends and family you might have already switched over to Google+ in hope of well… something new. But what if you’re not just using Facebook for personal but for professional use? Professional? Facebook?…

July 7, 2011, by

Social Media

Are We Using Social Media Or is Social Media Using Us?

Everybody’s talking about Google+ these days. Whether it will replace Facebook or not. What’s good about it and what’s not. While that all seems very important, there is a chance, though, that these questions are covering a far more important…

July 4, 2011, by