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Greetings, Meetings and Farewells in American English

How To Meet, Greet and Say Goodbye Seven minutes audio recording, by Jeremiah Bourque. [audio:]download

November 11, 2010, by

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American Culture: The American Civil War

Still Impacting American Culture Today It’s probably very difficult for non-Americans to appreciate how the American Civil War still has a great impact on American culture. I might even call this a defining impact that helps define Americans’ identity of…

November 4, 2010, by

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It Is Indeed A Wonderful World

Listen And Learn The YouTube video below, and the song contained – Louis Armstrong performing It’s A Wonderful World – is the subject of the audio lesson that follows. Text is below the audio. The Audio Lesson [audio: – It…

November 3, 2010, by

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Signs of Trouble

The Sign: .99tx That is, .99 with a little “tx” in the lower right corner. So what does this mean? In this case, the intent of the sign writer was that it meant: Ninety nine cents, plus tax. Was that…

October 27, 2010, by

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The Critic

He Who Is Offended “How dare you criticize me! Are you saying you are better than I am? Are you judging yourself superior?! You are nothing! You are nothing at all compared to what I am!! You are an insignificant…

October 26, 2010, by

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The Medium Is The Message: Poor Word Choice

Easier Rephrased It took a lot of digging into what I would consider a horribly drafted University of Toronto document on “The Medium is the Message,” the famous quote by Marshall McLuhan. I wanted to get to the point; the…

October 23, 2010, by

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How To Use Essay Templates To Learn Real English

Turning Cheat Sheets Into Real Knowledge A great deal of students around the world now use “essay templates” (pre-packaged essays with fill-in-the-blank entries) for their English essay needs. It is sometimes said that a machine could write an A+ essay….

October 5, 2010, by

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Conversation Is Not An Act Of War

Click for Audio Version Let’s get this out of the way: the following is strictly my personal opinion as Jeremiah Bourque. In a conversation, anything that is not a fact is, by extension, the opinion of the speaker. It is…

August 18, 2010, by

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How To Greet People In 3 Easy Steps

How To Greet People In 3 Easy Steps by Jeremiah Bourque (Click on link for audio version) Hello, how do you do? My name is Jeremiah Bourque. It’s a pleasure to meet you. In three sentences, I have just given…

August 17, 2010, by

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Why “Ain’t Got” Is Doubly Wrong

A Russian requesting a free sample lesson from me asked me about the word “ain’t.” He also asked about its use in the phrase, “ain’t got.” These are good questions. I wanted to share with the world the good answers…

August 3, 2010, by

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LOL Essays: Topic #1, Submission #3

As counter-intuitive as this may be for non-natives, you have to pick a side if you want to write a “persuasive essay.” If you don’t have a side, pick one. Hard, but necessary.

July 21, 2010, by

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LOL Essays: Topic #1, Submission #1

The first submission to topic #1 (are cell phones good for society?) and Jeremiah Bourque’s constructive criticism.

July 19, 2010, by