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6 Things You Think Are Helping You Learn English… But Are Actually A Waste Of Time

Have you been struggling to learn English for a while and don’t know why you can’t take the next step? A lot of articles talk about things you should add to your learning plan, but you only have so much…

April 4, 2018, by

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How NOT to learn English

You probably have seen blog posts with titles like “Ten Tips for Writing Emails” or “Best Sites for Vocabulary Practice.” This time I decided to write about learning English from a different perspective. I’m going to give you five good…

August 3, 2016, by

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24 Techniques to Learn English Faster, According to Your Learning Style

Some people have a natural knack for learning languages, but for others learning a new language can be a daunting task. The best way to learn a new language varies depending on your particular learning style. Students are typically taught…

April 22, 2014, by


10 Fun Facts About The English Alphabet

Today we’d like to share with you 10 fun facts about the English alphabet to impress your friends, teachers and colleagues. Ready? Let’s go! 1.The English word alphabet comes (via Latin) from the names of the first two letters of the…

August 10, 2012, by


Three Ways to Leave a Legacy in the Land of Online Learning

In my last post I talked about the fundamentals of becoming an online teacher without supporting huge investor-fueled teaching platforms or business practices you don’t agree with, don’t understand or simply don’t care about. Today I want to talk further…

March 23, 2011, by

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English: Precedented vs. Unprecedented

With Precedent? Without Precedent? “Precedent” A precedent is an action that is used as a later example, or standard, by which future actions may be judged. Therefore, the precedent precedes (comes before, comes prior to) the action the precedent is…

December 2, 2010, by

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American Culture: The American Civil War

Still Impacting American Culture Today It’s probably very difficult for non-Americans to appreciate how the American Civil War still has a great impact on American culture. I might even call this a defining impact that helps define Americans’ identity of…

November 4, 2010, by

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Conversation Is Not An Act Of War

Click for Audio Version Let’s get this out of the way: the following is strictly my personal opinion as Jeremiah Bourque. In a conversation, anything that is not a fact is, by extension, the opinion of the speaker. It is…

August 18, 2010, by

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How To Greet People In 3 Easy Steps

How To Greet People In 3 Easy Steps by Jeremiah Bourque (Click on link for audio version) Hello, how do you do? My name is Jeremiah Bourque. It’s a pleasure to meet you. In three sentences, I have just given…

August 17, 2010, by


I Am…

An Essay by Jeremiah Bourque Listen to this Article as a Podcast Your browser does not support the audio element. The English language really begins with two words: I am. English verb phrases are defined by two things: what is…

April 5, 2010, by

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The Present Perfect, and Present Perfect Continuous

This is my attempt to explain the present perfect tense, and the present perfect continuous tense (a.k.a. the progressive tense), without causing your head to explode. Wish me luck. The present perfect uses this structure: You have grown since the…

March 22, 2010, by