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Movies for Your Ears, and other Podcasts

Last week, I met a lot of amazing people and learned many new things. I sat down with the German that landed a Cessna on Moscow’s Red Square in the Cold War, listened to the Choirboy Robber’s exploits, and found out that the key ingredient to a successful marriage are multiple bathrooms. And best of…


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Education Is Ripe For Disruption Education is changing worldwide. Technology has had its toll on the way we learn and teach. Policy-makers often fail to live up to their promises,but besides state-run schools and universities many new varieties of learning have sprung ...
Language Learning

What Makes Studying So Difficult?

To many of us, learning something new, from programming a webpage or speaking a new language is a chore. Yes, there are these little sparks of achievement. But more often than not, the process of learning is a strenuous path of pain and frustration. We don’t like to admit it. But let’s be honest for…

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The Quest For The Perfect Whiteboard

Allegedly, the blackboard or chalkboard was invented by the Scotsman James Pillans (1778–1864) who according to his book Physical and Classical Geography (1854) taught Geography with it in Edinburgh. Since 1801 George Baron is supposed to have used a blackboard in his maths lessons at West Point. Although many schools have begun to replace blackboards with whiteboards, this…


Brains In The Cloud: The New Memory

If I think back to my primary school education, learning things by rote was a big thing: From multiplication tables to learning poems by heart, memorizing stuff seemed to be the name of the game. In high school it was all about irregular verbs and periodic tables. Sponging it up. Drilling it. And spilling it….

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Turning Tutors into Millionaires: The “Celebrity Teachers” from Hong Kong

What if Lady Gaga helped your child to prepare for that next English test? Imagine hiring Justin Bieber for an hour of homework help. How much would they charge for one lesson? But in Hong Kong, it’s not that the stars are teaching. Here, the teachers themselves are the stars. They earn up to $1.5 million…

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American Culture: The American Civil War

Still Impacting American Culture Today It’s probably very difficult for non-Americans to appreciate how the American Civil War still has a great impact on American culture. I might even call this a defining impact that helps define Americans’ identity of themselves in various ways. I’m sure this all seems very strange to non-Americans. I myself…

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Knowledge is Not Enough: An Invitation to Re-Consider Common Beliefs

The average amount of time people in the West spend on “education” is huge. (Not to mention the sums of money!) Having a degree is not considered something special, anymore. It has become the norm. (And its absence – a new fear) People pursue degrees for mainly one reason: To get a “good” job. The…


Introducing The Japanese Culture Blog

Japanese is a means to an end. No one sane studies Japanese for over a dozen years, becomes a professional translator, and learns all the complexity and nuance of this language because the language is fun. Yes, it is a great challenge, and it is very interesting, but that wasn’t the point. The language is…


Want To Study At A Japanese University?

If you’d like to study at a Japanese university, read on. If you don’t… read on anyway! You might find this interesting. At the present time, Japan is undergoing a chronic shortage of students for its well-respected universities. (Most of you will have read one of the numerous news reports in recent years concerning Japan’s…

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A Language Carries An Entire Culture On Its Back

I like to say, language begins from personal experience. As little children, we learn from others how to identify objects around us. Repetition of words occurs in the context of what things in the family home are called. Language, however, does not end at our personal experiences. Through allegory, comparison, and, as we get older,…