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Best Ebook Reader Apps With Word Translation For iPad and iPhone (iOS)

Ebooks and ereading technology is everywhere these days. According to this survey, a whopping 86% “of the top 2,500 genre fiction bestsellers” sold on Amazon in 2013 were ebooks. In other words, ebooks are doing great, whether on iPad and Phone ebook apps or dedicated…

April 28, 2014, by


20,000 Mockingbirds: On The Changing Unchanging Nature of Books

While working myself through the back-list of the Nebula Awards for Best Novel, I came across Slow River by Nicola Griffith, a dark science fiction novel set in the not too distant future. At one point the protagonist tells an…

February 20, 2013, by

Indie Publishing

The Beauty Of Paperless Publishing

Everyone talks about how ebooks are great because they cost less, ship faster and don’t kill trees. And it’s all true, but even before a book hits the (virtual) shelves, the production process has changed significantly. The way it used…

November 6, 2012, by

Indie Publishing

Print On Demand Revisited: Lulu vs. CreateSpace

Before I started experimenting with creating ebooks for Kindle & Co last year, I briefly looked into print on demand services. Since in the pre-Internet days I had always been printing and xeroxing stories to share them with friends and…

August 29, 2012, by

Indie Publishing

Ninety-Nine Cents For Your Thoughts

When I was 11 years old I lived in a small town. We spent most of our time outdoors, playing in the woods or riding around aimlessly with our bicycles. Another popular activity was to go deal-hunting in the two…

July 25, 2012, by


The Problem With Ebooks…

If you dig beneath the surface, many people’s problem with ebooks is not that they don’t smell. Jani Patokallio writes: Crippled by territorial license restrictions, digital rights management, and single-purpose devices and file formats that are simultaneously immature and already…

July 1, 2012, by


Piracy is Free Promotion?

I always told myself that if someone stole my stuff and put it online that it would be like free advertising. Only that never anyone seemed to care enough to steal my stuff. Piracy seemed like a gesture reserved for…

June 27, 2012, by


The Book Reading Revolution: Read More, Better, Anywhere!

Reading for Fun By the end of my stay at UCF, I was nearing burnout. I’d read so much and for so long that my mind was numb, and reading was the last thing I wanted to do. This lasted…

June 17, 2012, by


Why German Grammar Is Dead Simple (free download inside)

A while ago these images were making the rounds about how German sounds cruel and gritty compared to other languages. And while the prejudice of Teutonic doom and gloom will probably not come off any time soon (thanks, Wagner) there…

June 5, 2012, by


Biblical Hebrew For Beginners (a free download)

If the Internet had a religion, would it be monotheistic, paganistic or atheistic? Honestly, I don’t have a clue, but I do know that beyond popular debates about which religion is more superior for whatever reasons, or whether science and…

May 30, 2012, by

Language Learning

Ebooks, Cooking and Travel: Why I’m Learning Another Language

When I graduated from college in December, a part of me thought that my time as a learner was over. I had this great consulting position in Seattle, with plans to make a move after the holidays, and was ready…

May 10, 2012, by


A Free Download For German Learners

People sometimes ask me why I give away books for free. There are many reasons. But the best one is: because I can. I’m happy to write. And you like to read.  So I give, you get. No money has changed…

May 9, 2012, by