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3 Things Children Would Like To See In The Future Of The Net And Technology

In 2010, Latitude asked children from all over the world aged 12 and below about their hopes, wishes and expectations about the Internet and technology in general. The results are surprising, not just because the kids were asked to draw…

August 13, 2011, by

Online Teaching

Teaching The F5 Generation: Hitting Refresh Until The Cows Come Home

In a report titled “Educating the Net Generation”, Diana Oblinger writes: “Digital Natives accustomed to the twitch-speed, multitasking, random-access, graphics-first, active, connected, fun, fantasy, quick-payoff world of their video games, MTV, and Internet are bored by most of today’s education,…

July 19, 2011, by


Online Education for Children via Skype

When I started teaching online, I was sceptical. I had been working many years in classrooms with blackboards, carrying books and scrawling remarks with red ink into the margins of exercise sheets. How could all that be possibly replaced by…

February 25, 2011, by