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Botanicula: The Return Of Creative Adventure Games

I grew up with adventure games. Without characters like Zak McKracken, Guybrush Threepwood, Roger Wilco or Dr. Fred, my childhood is hard to imagine. Not only did these characters teach me the first meaningful sentences of English outside of an education…

May 2, 2012, by

Hacks & Tutorials

3 Ways To Get More & Better Ideas

People sometimes ask me: “Where do you get all these ideas for your blog posts and books?” Do I climb the looming summits of some private Kilimanjaro of the mind, digging for gold with a pickaxe? Or do I descend into…

February 27, 2012, by


All You Need Is A Good Idea: How We Create Our Own ‘Entertainment Industry’

In the wake of publishing two picture books for German language learners I became aware again of how how the Internet is the perfect roadbed for fresh ideas. Both of these publications have become instant best sellers.  Did I need…

February 20, 2012, by


84th Spelling Bee Won By 14 year old Indian-American: What does it Mean?

Sukanya Roy spelled the word “cymotrichous” (= having wavy hair) correctly and won the 84th Scripps National Spelling Bee Contest. She will take home more than $40,000 dollars in prices and cash. According to ABC, Sukanya Roy is the “fourth consecutive Indian-American…

June 3, 2011, by

Language Learning

What A Damaged Brain Can Tell Us About A Culture of Isolated Approaches

It has become common sense that we have two brains. Or to be more precise: two specialized parts of the brain. This understanding has become known as “brain lateralization” or “hemispheric brain function” All of this has become heavily popularized…

April 15, 2011, by

Learning English

Living Outside the Box

We’ve heard it so many times it has become a cliché. “Out of the box” thinking is praised and demanded everywhere. Especially in the so called creative industries it has become synonymous with “come up with new ideas to sell…

December 12, 2010, by


9 to 5: A Recipe for Disaster

photo by motoyen, Attribution 2.0 Generic License You wake up at 6 o clock in the morning. (Or earlier.) You catch a train, bus, subway and start work at 9. (Or earlier.) You sit at a desk or run around…

June 30, 2010, by


The Inexplicable Delight of Giving Away Stuff

The last few days I spent rummaging through my cupboards, shelves and boxes, taking stock of all the stuff I own, sorting it and putting a lot of it onto the street in front of my house. Most of it…

April 6, 2010, by