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5 Simple Facts You Can Learn From A Computer Crash

Last week every user’s worst nightmare paid me a visit: the full fledged system crash. While I documented the death, resurrection and salvaging on Twitter, here are some conclusions from the whole episode. (As usual, what happened is rather inconclusive:…

February 5, 2012, by


“Why play guitar when Guitar Hero is easier and so much fun?”

I remember when my father showed me one of the first Atari gaming consoles. Those red and green blocks bumping into one another to the unnerving but fascinating chip soundtrack; Somehow the world would never be the same again. You…

September 18, 2010, by


The Net Generation’s Needs & Habits in the Focus of Media Literacy

Where last time I shared insights with you about the psychology of social media (yes, it was that post with the awfully long title), today I want to take a broader look at behavioral patterns and salient features of a…

February 21, 2010, by