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10 People, 5 Continents: One Book

When I first quit my day-job three years ago to work full-time on the Internet, there was a sense of being on my own.  I did know a few people from online teaching platforms which were encouraging communal activity on…

July 25, 2013, by


Three Ways to Leave a Legacy in the Land of Online Learning

In my last post I talked about the fundamentals of becoming an online teacher without supporting huge investor-fueled teaching platforms or business practices you don’t agree with, don’t understand or simply don’t care about. Today I want to talk further…

March 23, 2011, by


Viral Education 2.0 [video]

This is a neat video by the Coventry University showing how the web and social media changes and challenges our social relation and the implications this has on our whole educational life. There are a lot of Big Questions being…

December 26, 2009, by