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3 Ways to Use Smartphones To Learn Foreign Languages By Reading Books

There are many ways in which smartphones have come to encroach on our ability to enjoy some quiet time with a good book or even replaced the pulp in our life all together. The sense of immediate gratification — or…

July 25, 2014, by

Indie Publishing

The Great Free Book Giveaway For Language Bloggers and Youtubers

Over the course of the last four years, we’ve published dozens of different (language learning) books through LearnOutlive, both big and small, in paperback and digital formats. We did all of this independently, without investor capital, big publishing houses or…

April 16, 2014, by


Help Us Improve Our German Learning Books And “Add Your Mustard”!

One of the great things of being an independent publisher (besides the creative freedom) is the direct contact to readers. Over the past few years I’ve received many emails packed with suggestions, questions, comments and more. And no matter how…

March 13, 2014, by

Guest Posts

Ten-Year-Old Girl Publishes on Amazon

A mother’s story. I’m honoured to have been invited by André Klein to share my daughter’s book publishing story on LearnOutLive. It’s a story about joy in learning, love of books, and a little girl’s passionate business idea. It all…

December 15, 2013, by

Guest Posts

The Pleasure of Reading in a Foreign Language

Apart from English fluency practice, the area most students want to concentrate on when they are with me on an intensive course is improving and expanding their English vocabulary. The activities we normally do together vary from collocations, idiomatic expressions,…

November 19, 2013, by

Indie Publishing

Unboxing Our First Collaboratively Published Storybook for English Learners

Since I don’t live in one of the “Amazon countries” at the moment, whenever I order books  (including my own) there are two choices. I can either order directly from Amazon, pay a shipping price which is double the cost…

August 26, 2013, by

Indie Publishing

Why Making Books Is Like Baking Cookies

Making books is fun. In fact, it’s rather addictive. Once you get started, it’s hard to stop. The process of bookmaking has long been in the hands of a small intellectual elite, heavily guarded by cultural gatekeepers. The internet has…

June 14, 2013, by

Indie Publishing

How The Ebook Limits Innovation

Everybody knows what a book is: a stack of printed paper, held together by glue, staples, etc. If we talk about the ebook, however, it’s not that clear. What is an ebook? Is a huge Word document or PDF an…

April 7, 2013, by


How The Cloud Killed The Library

It was not long ago that every home had a shrine of collected media: CDs, DVDs, books neatly organized for quick reference and dusted off daily for the prying eyes of neighbors and potential mating partners. In reverse these shelves…

February 13, 2013, by


Track Indie Book Sales Reports The Easy Way and Visualize Your Data

The 15th of the month is an important day for all of us indie-publishers and writers. It’s a day both eagerly anticipated and dreaded. It’s the day Amazon releases their monthly Kindle sales reports – in a horribly messed up…

January 15, 2013, by

Indie Publishing

When You Buy An Ebook, It Should Be Yours, Period.

Long gone are the days of rummaging through second hand book and record shops for that oblique cultural item once referred to by a friend of a friend in a late-night bar conversation. Nowadays, you just wake up, sit down…

November 28, 2012, by

Indie Publishing

The Beauty Of Paperless Publishing

Everyone talks about how ebooks are great because they cost less, ship faster and don’t kill trees. And it’s all true, but even before a book hits the (virtual) shelves, the production process has changed significantly. The way it used…

November 6, 2012, by