If there’s something really important to say, it can be stated in simple words.

If not, chances are that it’s not really important and you’re just wasting time.

Great ideas are always the simplest.

Have you ever had the experience of somebody lecturing and pontificating at you for hours on end? Did it make you wiser, happier or more knowledgeable? Probably not. So maybe the only benefit of this is that it does make people more creative, thinking about ways how to get away from that person!

Over at Ted, they give their presenters a maximum speaking time of 20 minutes.

But how long does it take to express a good idea?

Although YouTube has a limit of 10 minutes, how much mediocre stuff have you stopped right after the first few seconds?

It’s a myth believing that “maybe it will get better if I continue” – If there’s no spark from the start- no need to continue.

Don’t let your mind be filled by the noise of average. Everybody’s heads is full of this stuff, anyways.

Twitter limits messages to “140 characters” – can you state your mission, vision, belief in a few seconds?

If not, maybe you should re-consider…

If you want to make a difference, be different!