If you follow us on Twitter you might have noticed those recent posts containing weird non-Western characters like (げいしゃ) or (אהבה).

israel, japan, hebrew, japaneseI’m talking of course about our two new language-specific blogs maintained by the  Learn Out Live department leaders, one for Japanese, written by Jeremiah Bourque (head of Japanese department)- and one about Hebrew by Eti Shani (head of Hebrew department)

Now, some of you might ask: Why did you choose those somewhat exotic languages of Japanese and Hebrew and not something more “common” like English and Spanish?

Well, like so many things in life – it just happened to be so. It was a decision of those two teachers who are very passionate about sharing their expertise and insights into culture, language and history even outside of their classes.

So, if you’re interested, here are the links again. Please subscribe to those two blogs if you’re interested in anything Japanese or Hebrew. Personally, I’ve read many blogs about those topics but Eti and Jeremiah really do a great job of unfolding those (to a Western audience) somewhat remote topics in a brilliant, clear and concise way. Highly recommended!

Learn Hebrew Online

Virtual Ulpan, Judaica, Biblical Hebrew, Online Learning and More . . .hebrew.learnoutlive.com

The Japanese Culture Blog

Embracing The Cool jp.learnoutlive.com
Oh, and last but not least I should mention that the main blog of Learn Out Live, what you are reading right now – will continue to be the home of more general topics about life, technology, education and discussions about the future.
Thank you for reading.
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