Anyone who has ever set up a WordPress site knows the challenge of finding the right theme.

There are basically three options:

1. Go theme-hunting on Google. Wade through endless galleries of (mediocre or worse) themes until your eyes hurt or you find the right one.

2. Buy a premium design that (hopefully) doesn’t look like all the rest

3. Design your Own

If you want complete control, the last one is obviously the best.

But the learning-curve is used to be pretty steep.

Choking Hazards & Coding Horror

When I was working as a web-designers I used to receive sketches by clients and then transferred these to WordPress.

It took me a few years to learn how to do it because it requires:

  • solid knowledge of CSS
  • ability to produce valid XHTML
  • deep understanding of core WordPress structures
  • general grasp of PHP and how it pertains to WP

I suffered countless sleepless nights before I got the hang of it.

Simply knowing CSS, PHP or HTML is not enough. The trick is to know how to fit all the pieces together in the WordPress environment.

In my job as a WordPress coach I teach people exactly that.

And, to be quite frank, with absolutely no coding knowledge it takes years before a person is able to create a complete custom WordPress theme from scratch.

So most people just stick with their free or premium theme and do a bit of customizations here and there. It’s a step-by-step process. Learning as you go along: How to change that darn background color, how to move the menu, remove the footer, etc.

In the long-run, going through this process greatly increases a person’s knowledge about all the above-mentioned parts and how they fit together as a whole.

Like I’ve said. It’s a long process.

But there is hope…

And, no – I’m sorry, you can’t simply download the gamut of knowledge into your brain like Neo does in The Matrix.

That would be too easy.

If you want to become a real pro, you’ll eventually have to deal with code.

If not, you can still create your own basic custom WordPress theme, however.

Creating A Custom WordPress Theme Without Coding

Recently, I stumbled over a website that promises (like many others) to enable creating WordPress themes without any coding knowledge.

There are many scams in this field, trying to make a quick buck based on half-baked scripts.

This one is different, though. It actually delivers. And it’s free!

The website is called Lubith and its developer writes:

Lubith came to life because of my desire to optimize my work as a web programmer. I wanted to find a faster way to create layouts for web sites according to the graphic provided by the web designer. I had a browse for solutions on the internet but the instruments I found were not good enough.

It seems to me that this is what makes Lubith special: The drive behind it is to make developing custom themes easier, not to pull money out of people’s pockets.

What I’ve seen of it so far works very well. So well, in fact, that you wonder why it’s free…

Maybe it won’t in the future…So go and check it out now.

As you can see in the video below it allows you to do almost anything necessary to produce a nice theme or at least the basic layout of one you can later spice up with some fancy scripts.

When you’re done designing, simply download your packaged theme and beam it up to your WordPress server.

Please note that Lubith mainly deals with the broader aspects of your template. If you want to change the way your comment section looks, add author profiles, create dynamic sidebars or work with different page templates, may the Coding Gods be with you…

Having said that, Lubith is a great way to start !

The way it work is simple. The buttons are fairly self-explanatory.

However, I highly recommend watching this tutorial first!