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A Mindful Guide to Social MediaBefore I first went online, SPAM was already there. In fact, it sometimes seems to be the stuff that the Internet is made of. The most common form of SPAM is in our email-boxes. But its pole position is being challenged.

There’s a new kid in town that’s even far more annoying.

“Check out my stuff,man!

“Social Media Marketing” has almost become a synonym for spamming social networks with multi level marketing schemes, affiliate links and unsolicited calls for attention.

While Zuckerberg was shaking hands with Obama yesterday, his Social Network was (again) swamped by pictures of lightly clad girls with links to dubious websites, spreading through the “photo tagging” function from “friend” to “friend”.

The Tiresome Search of Finding Alternative Approaches

As someone genuinely interested in Social Media as a sociological and psychological phenomenon I’m always looking for new research and studies.

Unfortuntely the most popular blogs and websites about Social Media deal mostly with two things:

  • new apps, gadgets, functions, etc – in other words: pure technical stuff
  • Social Media Marketing – how to get more followers, friends, etc with the ultimate goal of financial benefit or instant self-made fame.

There are studies and websites that look a bit deeper, of course. But they are harder to find since the big fishes draw most of the attention thanks to SEO and the sheer popularity of light-weight approaches.

An Integral Approach to Social Media

All of the above is the reason why I chose to compile a book that collects various sources and takes the reader on a wide-angled tour of the Social Media Landscape from the following (and many more) perspectives:

  • psychological
  • communicational
  • sociological
  • political

The book is relatively short with its 45 pages and is designed to be read within one or two sittings.

The aim is not to do an in-depth analysis of all the different perspectives, but to sketch out the many tips of the icebergs, ideally inviting the reader to gain a broad overview of all the approaches to Social Media that do not have to do with marketing, promotion or money.

But, even if you’re looking for more advice on how to do Social Media to integrate into your business, etc. this book will help you to look at the whole thing from a less conventional standpoint and therefore (hopefully) help to broaden the approach.

Again, this book does not contain boring case-studies of how this and that company integrated Facebook into their “marketing strategy” and therefore managed to increase their net profit by this and that amount. If you’re interested in that kind of stuff, go somewhere else. There’s plenty of it.

This is about you, the user. Faced with a world of digital socialization and crowdsourced information.

And everything that goes on in between.


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Important: Please “Steal” this eBook. Copy it, send it to your friends. As long as you don’t try to sell it for your own benefit, you can do almost anything with it!