40 days ago I posted here on this blog that I wanted to try something different for the publication of my next ebook: Instead of going over the text myself over and over again, fixing broken syntax and hunting for typos (as an independent publisher I don’t have a room full of type-monkeys, unfortunately) I was simply going to ask readers of this blog to participate.

First Reaction

First of all let me say that I was blown away by the response! Many people (some I knew before, some not) offered their help, and while not all of them sent back their corrections and suggestions, those who did put great efforts into their comments and constructive criticism through which the final version was greatly improved. (see list below for complete list of voluntary editors).

Not only did I find out this way which passages were potentially confusing or in need of further explanation, also I learned how native speakers (English is not my first language, as you may know) from different countries approach topics such as tense, interpunction, etc.


In order to create some extra motivation I also decided to submit the final publication to Amazon’s Kindle Single program which I did once all the reviews had trickled in.

A few minutes ago I got an automated reply from Amazon Singles Editor that my book “has not been selected for inclusion in the Kindle Singles store”.

What does it mean? Well, I won’t get the extra exposure juice in their Kindle Store but the book is still available on Amazon US, Germany, France, America and UK.

The Bottom Line

I asked. People helped. I was amazed and got into some interesting conversations with people. Amazon didn’t want to include it in their Singles Program, but being an independent publisher I didn’t expect them to, either. If you’re interested in the final version, here’s how to get it:

1. You can download it as an indie-publishing pack (including PDF, EPUB and MOBI) directly from this site. Click here to do that now. Also, it’ll be available as a free download until (at least) the end of 2011. This is my way of saying thanks for all the generous help!

2. If you prefer to get it directly to your Kindle, you can do that, too. US / UK / DEFR  (I put it on there for the minimum price which is ~ $0.99)

Special Thanks

And now, as promised, here’s the list of all the people who helped in the production of this book. Check out their blogs and homepages, too!

This publication was made possible with the generous help of many volunteers, in no particular order:

María Inés Brumana – eltgoestothemovies.blogspot.com

Sylvia Guinan – salis.gr/wordpress

Mihad Ali – mihadali.com

Michael A. Gyori – mauilanguage.com

Laura Harlow – mauilanguage.com

Jo Furniss – jofurniss.wordpress.com

Sumeer Chadha – albereez.blogspot.com

Niklas Pedersen – www.passwithnik.tk

Erika Zeinerova – zeinerova.blogspot.com

Mike Hohnen – mikehohnen.com

Eti Shani – hebrew.learnoutlive.com