Have you ever heard your co-workers, classmates, etc. complain about their current situation? Something along the lines of “Not enough pay. Too many over-hours.” or “Stupid professors. Boring seminars.” and if you listen very closely you might hear the three famous words of “I should quit.”

And then – the next day (who would’ve guessed?) – business as usual.

Maybe you know what I mean.

There’s a very simple solution to this:

bikeIf you don’t like your job or whatever you do, don’t just do it for the sake of doing it. If you feel you could be happier doing something else, go for it! The worst mistake people make is to think that there is no alternative. That’s simply not true.

While you are reading this article you are alive and kicking in one of the most exciting times humanity has ever experienced! The fact that everyone pushes you to write more application for jobs you don’t want to do and to suffer through curriculums which you feel are irrelevant doesn’t mean this is the only way.

Have you ever considered that the world your schools and colleges prepared you for might not be relevant anymore? God forbid, no?

We’re educated to expect that we’ll all be rockstars, stinking rich and popular. Own houses. Multiple cars. Have careers like roller-coasters, except that for us it will never go down. Only up. Forward, relentlessly. The carrot: A blurry sense of “making it”, the whip: a vague fear of becoming a “nobody”. Remember what’s usually to be found in between carrot & whip? Right. Donkeys.

Getting off the Mill

This year I quit my job in a local tutoring institution and decided to “try my luck” online which is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Since this day I’ve been experiencing a sense of freedom I’ve been craving since high school.  I like to program things in the small hours of the morning, to learn how to get scripts to do things, to experiment with music & sounds, to throw images together like there is no tomorrow. To write articles like this one. To spend time with my wife and take long walks. And in between I help people improve their German or web-design skills via Skype.

Also, I’m busy working on lots of new music. So with a little bit of luck next year I’ll put out another album.

Thanks for reading and thanks to everybody who has supported me so far and continues to do so.

I owe you. 🙂