Every baby born today (Monday, 30th of October)  is part of  the 500,000 that will push the human population over the 7 billion mark, according to U.N. data.

And within only 28 years it’s getting even more crowded: predictions speak of 9 billion human beings on the planet by 2040.

But it’s not just our population that’s changing.

The whole world is changing faster and faster.

Already now, we live in a flurry of technology, new gadgetry – but much of our fascination is very short-sighted (the next iPhone, the iPad “killer”, etc.)

Today I stumbled over an interesting infographic, or – actually, it’s more of a datasheet – by Michael Zappa @envisioningtech that dares to look a bit further ahead and neatly lists predicted technologies and their relative importance from now up to the year 2040.

Whatever we might say about this looking back, 28 years from now, one thing is for sure: The tech of today is outdated, tomorrow.

And the kids will laugh: “E-readers and smartphones aren’t cool.”

“You know what’s cool?”

“An exocortex!”

Click on the graphic below for higher resolution…

License: Attribution-ShareAlike via envisioningtech.com