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Behind The Pages: The Making Of A Talking Book (Café in Berlin EPUB3)

As an author of stories for language learners it’s always important to me to create materials that are both fun and useful on a day-today basis. So perhaps it will not come as much of a surprise that many of these works are…

December 27, 2017, by


Carts Of Darkness [A Documentary]

Yesterday, I stumbled over a documentary called “Carts Of Darkness“. Superficially speaking it’s about men racing shopping carts down steep hills in Canada who also collect bottles and cans to make a living. While this may be reason enough to…

November 10, 2011, by


Are You Ready for the 21st Century ?

In my last article I wrote about the way the Internet changes our world and sketched out a few points. I also found a video for you which will give you some more ideas. I don’t necessarily agree with everything…

November 28, 2010, by

Learning English

Free Lesson: English Phrasal Verbs 1 [VIDEO]

a lesson by Jeremiah Bourque. (intro via “open-source audio” @ archive dot org Did you like this video? This is just one example of many lesson packs soon to be released as digital downloads in Learn Out Live’s shop,…

April 16, 2010, by


The Cost of Copyright Confusion for Media Literacy and the Need for Change [VIDEO]

Besides offering high quality language lessons, Learn Out Live now also provides private coaching sessions and courses on Media Literacy. If you haven’t heard the term before, please check out our Department Page. If you are already familiar with what…

March 22, 2010, by


Media Literacy Awareness [VIDEO]

A big part of being a teacher today (whether online or offline) involves being “fluent” in contemporary media and adapting to its quick-paced development; Whereas a century ago teachers had to deal with mostly written media, nowadays this is not…

March 16, 2010, by

Learning English

Super Bowl Idioms Crash Course

Yes, it’s Super Bowl Time. But if you ever thought that the Super Bowl is all about Loud Yelling and little about learning, check this out: English Idioms explained through Football. Find the whole series here!

February 6, 2010, by


Video Games and Learning [VIDEO]

Today we bring you a pretty funny albeit “on-point” presentation about entertaiment video games vs. educational games, what’s the difference, why the latter often involves so little fun, wants to “club you with the point” and the first might sometimes…

January 23, 2010, by


Mobile Live Language Translater [Gadget]

If you are learning Arabic this little application might come in handy. Simply speak into the microphone and the Arabic Language Buddy will print out the translation in Arabic letters and you can even listen to the correct pronounciation. Although…

January 22, 2010, by

Learning English

Teaching Principles

A short presentation by our English teacher Jeremiah Bourque.

January 20, 2010, by


How to use Skype on your iPhone and make Free Calls

As seen in our latest post there are really a lot of potentially helpful applications for mobile learning, but most important is maybe the Skype application, allowing you to be in touch with teachers and students in realtime, over wifi…

January 10, 2010, by


Learning knowledge online

here’s an interesting video that makes a strong case about education in general and web learning in particular.

January 5, 2010, by