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Why We Learn, Write and Speak Hebrew Today

“I believe German will be our principal language.” What would you think if heard these words from a Jew today? It was 123 years ago when Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism, considered it impossible for Jews to revive the…

March 22, 2019, by


Learn Hebrew With Israeli Movies And Award-Winning TV Series “Shtisel”

When I first started learning Hebrew, I used a very popular overpriced software which promised to make learning a new language simple and intuitive. But after a few days of clicking on colorful stock photos of smiling people and saying…

April 3, 2014, by


Happy Hanukkah To All Our Readers!

Today is the first day of Hanukkah and we wish you a hearty Chag Sameach (Happy Holiday). Since Hanukkah is not just the Festival of Lights but also a season of miracles, we will shake a few surprises out of our sleeves…

December 8, 2012, by


Bible Stories As Blueprints Of The Soul (free download)

When I was a child, growing up in Israel and sharing the room with my sister, my mother used to read bible stories to us, every night before we fell asleep. She used to sit on one of the beds,…

October 28, 2012, by


Why Handwriting Might Be More Important Than We Think

A few days ago the Guardian published an extract of Philip Hensher’s book “The Missing Ink” which asks the question what role handwriting still has in the age of Twitter and texting. It hit me that we are at a…

October 9, 2012, by


10 Fun Facts About The English Alphabet

To celebrate the release of our new Hebrew Alphabet workbook we decided to dig out 10 fun facts about the English alphabet for you to impress your friends, teachers and colleagues. Here we go: 1.The English word alphabet comes (via Latin)…

August 10, 2012, by


Who Said That Language Learning Shouldn’t Be Fun?

When I look at successful online teachers or edupreneurs, how they choose and present their materials, I see a distinct pattern. Whether it’s Jason R. Levine aka Fluency MC who teaches irregular verbs by rapping them in a Beastie Boysian flow, George Machlan…

July 10, 2012, by


Biblical Hebrew For Beginners (a free download)

If the Internet had a religion, would it be monotheistic, paganistic or atheistic? Honestly, I don’t have a clue, but I do know that beyond popular debates about which religion is more superior for whatever reasons, or whether science and…

May 30, 2012, by


Answer Our Hanukkah Quiz And Get A Free Book Download!

UPDATE: this offer has expired but you can check out our 2012 Holy Hanukkah Ebook Bundle and help support charity! As our way of saying thanks for supporting our blogging and publishing in general and our Hebrew entry in the…

December 20, 2011, by


Time-Tunnel Publishing: Medieval Writing In The Ebook Age

It’s not easy being an independent publisher. If you don’t have mountains of cash to fork out so that other people will do the formatting, cover design, price setting, etc. for you it’s all in your hands, which can become quite…

November 22, 2011, by