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Japanese for Beginners – Tomodachi

This episode explains the two components forming “tomodachi,” the basic Japanese words for “friend.” [audio:|autostart=no]

February 10, 2010, by


Your Shape Is Your Health [PODCAST]

In today’s episode you can learn a few idioms around the theme of health, like “I am in great shape”, “You are in bad shape” or “You need to get back into shape!” Thank you for your time. [audio: Shape…

February 5, 2010, by


Context Must Be Shown [PODCAST]

Today, I talk about how I have developed an overview of Japanese verb conjugation, and am developing manga and anime case studies to demonstrate informal Japanese, which is vital for a holistic grasp of the language. [audio: Must Be Shown.mp3|autostart=no]

January 31, 2010, by


Excellence in English [PODCAST]

In this episode, I talk about how excellence in English is possible, even for those learning English as a second language, and how no one should have to settle for being fluent in bad English. [audio:|autostart=no]

January 26, 2010, by


Learning Japanese: EJU, JLPT, levels and strategies [PODCAST]

Jeremiah Bourque, head of our English department, and founder of the Japanese department (coming soon…) talks about standardized tests, learning strategies and his special method of teaching. [audio:|autostart=no]

January 25, 2010, by