Yesterday, I stumbled over a documentary called “Carts Of Darkness“.

Superficially speaking it’s about men racing shopping carts down steep hills in Canada who also collect bottles and cans to make a living.

While this may be reason enough to watch it (great shots of people racing shopping-carts at 70 km/h), there’s a lot more to it than that. As the narrator and director (who has an interesting story himself) gets to know these people better, what motivates them to live without regular jobs or income, or why they choose risk and adrenaline over safety and stability, an interesting picture unfolds in which the viewer is allowed to experience life through their eyes, without pity, false glorifications or moralizing.

And while some of the people portrayed in this feature-length film do suffer from various hardships such as alcoholism and lack of medical care, there are others who manage surprisingly well on 20 dollars a day.

It’s a film about freedom and an immediacy of life we rarely experience in modern civilization. It’s hard to say anything else about this movie than just: Watch it! Below you can find the YouTube version, the HD stream and DVD can be found here.