fish in water

Write Essays Like A Fish Swims

When you write an essay, do you feel like a fish out of water? Do you want to become more comfortable when you write?

More importantly, do you want constructive criticism and feedback to help you write better?

From today forward, I, Jeremiah Bourque, will be asking for short essays on one topic at a time from anyone who wants to submit these essays and receive feedback from a professional language tutor, that is, me.

Once I get a chance to go over essays, I will post the essays, and my corrections and friendly advice, in blog posts here at Learn Out Live.

A few things you should know:

  • It’s Free.

  • I won’t publish your name unless you ask, loudly.

  • Constructive criticism only. I won’t allow nasty comments either.

  • If I get 500 of these, I’ll have to pick and choose which to post.

I don’t know how many requests I’ll get, so that’s a healthy disclaimer.

I can guarantee one thing:

Everyone benefits from advice on how to write better essays.

By participating, you will be helping not just yourself, but everyone who reads this blog.

This effort is in cooperation with a Facebook page I co-admin, English Idioms, with over 22,000 fans. So, here’s one thing that I’d like to see in essays:

Try to use several idioms (minimum of three, preferably five or more) in your essays.

I can always give advice on better use of idioms. It’s easy for me, a native speaker, to do this for you.

Thank you very much, and I sincerely hope you enjoy this as much as I will.

So let’s begin, shall we?

Topic #1: Are Cell Phones Good For Society?

  • Short “persuasive essay.”

  • All opinions welcome!

I’m told technology is a big deal in Vietnam. English Idioms was founded by an English learner from Vietnam, so he is the inspiration for this first topic.

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