flower pot

A Flower Pot

By Jeremiah Bourque

This is a flower pot.

What is a flower pot for? It is not for cooking. It is for holding flowers.

One puts the flowers into the pot. The flowers are displayed while in the pot.

Flower pots are a feature of a great many homes. These pots are an important part of the English lifestyle, and many other kinds of lifestyles as well.

Flower pots are not just for flowers. The pots are used to move small plants around. Plants can be left outdoors in the sun; when cold weather or high winds approach, the plants are brought indoors while in their pots.

Flower pots can be simple or sophisticated. They can be very plain, but they can also be very ornate with artistic designs upon them. By choosing one’s flower pots carefully, a person, usually the woman of the home, can project her personality upon the house. Flower pots can therefore be decorations.

The many uses of flower pots make them a common feature of homes throughout the English-speaking world. They are with us every day through thick and thin. When we leave the home to travel, they are sights for sore eyes when we return. We know them like the closest of friends.

This is a flower pot. There are many, many more.