Suckers Being Suckered (More)

Good lord. Witness this from The Washington Post:

Obama administration officials spent the weekend sharing different comments on airport security, the latest example of the president and Cabinet secretaries sending mixed messages on policy or politics to the American public.

John S. Pistole, head of Transportation Security Administration acknowledged Sunday that his agency’s new screening procedures are “invasive” and “uncomfortable” but told CNN that the agency would not change its policy.

Hours later, he back-pedaled, saying in a statement that screening should be as minimally invasive as possible and that TSA is constantly evaluating and adapting security measures.

That’s not back-pedaling!!!

Here’s another English lesson: when John Pistole says the words as possible, he is not implying that the present procedures can be made less invasive. This is not the view that should be taken at all. There is no reason to assume that what he is technically saying isn’t, instead, that the present procedures ARE as minimally invasive as POSSIBLE, RIGHT NOW, and it is NOT POSSIBLE for them to be less invasive, RIGHT NOW.

Also, this implies that the TSA is, in its vast wisdom and nobility, constantly evaluating and adapting security procedures. This should make us feel better about the fact that it is not possible for the procedures to be less invasive.

In the future, when better methods to find bombs are found without being as physically invasive – because scanners sure are invasive, but that’s radiation, not gloved hands – then they’ll evaluate using that, but nothing here implies that the TSA thinks that these are anything but the absolute best, most warranted, most needed, most justifiable procedures right now.

That’s backpedaling?

Only to people who never learned how to properly break down logic.

My point in my last article on this was simple, though: yes, you can fool suckers in the media, but your “mixed messages” result in damage to your reputation with the public, so long as you rub in their face the fact you have fooled people. The TSA is rubbing it in the face of everyone today, the 22nd of November, 2010.

The damage continues to rise.