As human beings sustaining an online lifestyle we spend  much time taking actions towards global awareness.  You can happily ask why? And to this I answer that sustaining an online lifestyle generates a more inclusive consciousness which influences our relation to the world.

Let us look back for a second…

estock_commonswiki_278279_lIn earlier times when human beings wanted to “be heard”,  it was common to walk on the streets saying: ” Power to the people”, when we didn’t want to accept any kind of dictatorship, knowing that the human spirit can not be governed by tyrants, no matter on what issue they ground their excuses.

By the time polar politics clashed all over the world new fresh wind came in, dressed in the gown of technology. First the spirit appeared  as telephones, radio transmissions,  record and movie industries, televisions. The last and most advanced of them all was and still is, the global network of computers, which took the individuals out of themselves and turned them  from  passive receivers to active players in the course of history. Not to mention becoming spiritual leaders in the growing global awareness.

Global awareness has many forms – and yes – it even comes as facebook or twitter accounts: we are called to participate in something bigger than ourselves: we are invited to participate in creation itself:  we are becoming fully empowered sovereigns of our lives and totally responsible for our actions: what we do now, or don’t, will affect the next second, not just for one single person’s life but for the entire universe.

Expressing ourselves and communicating on the net changes our lives and the lives of individuals and communities we are affiliated with.

estock_commonswiki_366883_lNowadays “Power to the people” is a power to communicate and commune. When we do so, we are zooming out of the physical surrounding and zooming into spiritual surroundings contributing to the global community.

When we feel ourselves as part of something bigger than just our own little worlds we behave differently, maybe even become modest and appreciate the fact that we gained a lifetime to share in this universe.

Online teaching comes at this point where individuals want to realize their dreams and capabilities and can learn anything they want from a teacher or coach of their own choice.

By following our dreams we gain power and we are  inspiring others. Online teaching unfolds ffrom relations of trust between teacher and student. Once those relations are established they can expand infinitely through mutual work and understanding.

The consequence is this: One happy individual spreads the news about his happiness and success over the net and influences all of his affiliates.

Put in a nutshell we are coming out of core tribe structures and families and now, at this moment, we are developing towards a globally interconnected humanity.