1. Learning On the Go

Once upon a time, the student trudged to a big brick building where he sat secluded away from sights, sounds and mocha lattes. There he buried himself in books, note cards and oversized reference materials.

Fast forward. Think of today’s study spaces. Can you picture just one? Of course not, because we are a mobile society. Today’s technology empowers all students, including online learners and educators. An effective study space can be created wherever a student or teacher goes. All it takes is a little creative thinking and a few quality tools.

2. Select A Workspace

About one-third of students pursuing higher education take at least one online course. Online education means creating your own online work environment. Select a workspace that fits your needs and personality. Are you someone who needs absolute silence to work or is a bit of background noise more conducive to your studies? Every great workspace also needs good lighting and comfortable seating. In addition, the space should have ample electrical outlets to support your computer and other electronic devices.

3. Equipment essentials

Students taking online classes may prefer a good laptop versus a traditional desktop computer. A laptop offers mobility. The student on the go needs to transport his laptop safely. Invest in a sturdy laptop case/bag or sleeve. Most laptop bags are versatile with storage spaces for your laptop charging cord, notebooks, pens and other essentials such as a candy bar to satisfy a sweet tooth snack attack. Find your perfect laptop bag or case, checking out styles from the traditional briefcase to messenger bags, backpacks and even funky earth-friendly bags such as the Mobile Edge Eco-bag.

4. Noise issues? No problem

The coffee house or student union can be a convenient place to set up your mobile workspace. Either location typically offers sustenance during marathon study sessions as well as a social environment to keep you from losing your mind amid the pages of your online data. However, sometimes the frenetic atmosphere can be distracting. When you need to block out the world and focus, consider a pair of headphones. Beats headphones by Dr. Dre are available in over-ear or in-ear styles. Good quality headphones can help shut out noise and distractions even in the busiest environments. They even come in fun colors!

5. Accessory or essential?

While many coffee shops, student unions and other public venues offer free Wi-Fi, the mobile student may encounter times where a wireless Internet plug becomes an essential. Depending on your budget and needs, you may opt for 3G or 4G. This handy technology gives users a personal mobile hotspot allowing access to online classes, research and networking.

6. Let there be light.

“Turn a light on,” mom always nagged. Mom was right; you need proper lighting for a good workspace. Look for a place to work where you can combine both natural lighting and artificial. This combination may be less harsh on your eyes, helping you to avoid headaches. A good workspace has an ideal balance between soft light that can make your eyes work too hard and the harsh glare of a fluorescent lighting. Even when your workspace has perfect lighting, be sure to take frequent breaks from staring at the computer screen to avoid eyestrain.

Mobile learning offers versatility for students of all ages. As online schooling continues to grow in popularity, students need to be able to create a study space that works wherever they are, even if there are no walls, windows or blackboards.

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