I’ve posted before about keyboard shortcuts for WordPress and Mac/Windows in general. Most popular programs have shortcuts to make your life easier and (hopefully) be more productive.

Personally, I need to use a certain shortcut quite a few times before it is firmly lodged in the grey matter of my brain and doesn’t slip my mind if I don’t use the function for a few days/weeks.

Therefore, I’m happy to report that makeuseof offers 24 downloadable cheatsheets for everything from iTunes to Photoshop.

Click here to check them out »

P.S: You need a password to download them. It’s “makeusof”.

UPDATE: I’ve just seen that makeuseof also offers lots of guides for everything from building your own PC to setting up Linux. The password required to view/download these free ebooks/guides seems to be the same.

printable PDF cheatsheets. geeky x-mas present or just plain useful…

photo: AttributionNoncommercial Some rights reserved by Aeioux