When I first started teaching, I sort of slid into it.

I was on the road to becoming a writer, so I started helping kids with their homework to keep myself from fulfilling the “starving artist” stereotype.

It was supposed to be only a part-time job until I won the Pulitzer. Well, okay I didn’t really aim for it, but as a teen fresh out of school I was living under an amorphous cloud of Great Expectations. At first it was weird. I was only a few months older than some of the kids I was supposed to teach. What could I possibly teach them?

I planned to stay for only a while. But then things turned out to be very very different.

The kids liked the way I shared with them my experimental knowledge of present progressive, German declensions and Passé Composé.

And I became rather fond of them, too. The cool thing was that it didn’t interfere with my writing. On the contrary, when I wasn’t writing I was still constantly engaged with language, preparing lessons, correcting homework or discussing nuances in textual expression.

I stayed in this job for about 8 years!

And I would have continued if the time-waste of commuting hadn’t gone on my nerves, after a while. And even while I was getting ready to jump ship, I was already teaching somewhere else: Namely, The Internet. Yep, after 8 years of brick & mortar teaching I switched to teaching languages online.

And guess what: I’m still writing. And teaching still isn’t interfering with it, on the contrary: it shapes and develops my craft.

Why Being A Teacher Doesn’t Mean Being Poor

Some people think teaching is a bad career choice. I always point them to the Shanghai Tutors. But even if teaching doesn’t turn you into a millionaire, it’s still one of the most rewarding career-choices I’ve ever made. Whenever I think of all the kids that went through my classroom years ago, it still puts a smile onto my face.

Another misunderstanding is that teaching = teaching. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

If you think being a teacher essentially means standing in front of a blackboard and 30 screaming pupils, think again.

Teaching isn’t a fixed occupation. It’s a lifestyle choice.

And there are many ways to do it.

Thus, to encourage and enable more people to teach (does the world really need another stock broker?) we’ve set up a job-board here on the site. You can find there a variety of different teaching and teaching-related jobs both online and offline. Also, if you’re looking for teachers, you can post your jobs directly onto our site. How cool is that?

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UPDATE: this service is discontinued, but you can join our free online teachers directory!

Happy Learning!

P.S: If you don’t like the idea of working for someone else and would rather be your own boss, check out this book.