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Brilliant Tools For Distraction-Free Writing

“Too much of a good thing is not a good thing.” Recent studies show that the brain can only focus on two given tasks at the same time. Also, those tasks mustn’t be too distinct. We are in fact very…

published on June 19, 2011, by


How Social Media Killed The Moment

For quite a while now I’ve been fascinated with pseudo-vintage photography as popularized by Instagram, Hipstamatic, etc. For those of you who’ve never heard about them, those are (smartphone) apps that make your photos look as if they’ve been taken…

published on May 16, 2011, by


We Want Service. Not Products!

Three months ago I wrote: “People will eventually have to adapt to the fact that in order to make a living, they have to be willing to serve.” Not the government. A company. Or a church. But other people. Directly….

published on May 14, 2011, by


Nailing the Coffin on “Internet Addiction”

We all have heard it before that someone is “addicted to the Internet” and secretly fear that we might be in danger of turning into online junkies, ourselves. It’s what our parents had warned us from. Only now it’s not…

published on May 5, 2011, by


Logging in to Log Off: Non-Mediated Nostalgia and the Point of No Return

As regular readers know, much of my writing circles around the awesomeness of being connected, like being able to work from anywhere and get access to all kinds of cool people and information – and the looming recognition- that being…

published on April 29, 2011, by


Why Facebook is Not the Internet or: The Difference between Leading and Cheerleading

Where my last post about the Spam known as “Social Media Marketing” was targeting the side-effects of digital socialization very broadly, today I want to take a closer look at one platform in particular: Facebook. My latest book talks about Social…

published on April 26, 2011, by