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Learning English

Zen and English, Part 1: Earth

The Post of Earth Earth represents the foundation of knowledge. It represents facts, logic, and reality. Knowledge must begin with what is tangible to our human experience. This experience is defined by the human body. We may say that we…

published on December 9, 2010, by


Are You Ready for the 21st Century ?

In my last article I wrote about the way the Internet changes our world and sketched out a few points. I also found a video for you which will give you some more ideas. I don’t necessarily agree with everything…

published on November 28, 2010, by


The Internet is not a Mass Medium. Or is it?

The term “mass medium” was coined in the early 20th century and referred to magazines, newspapers, radio & television broadcasts. I remember the times when watching an MTV music video on color television fried every teenager’s excitement-circuits, slouched in front…

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What would you do if nobody’s watching?

I’m a big fan of minimalist writing. Minimalist prose that is from the likes of Amy Hempel, Douglas Coupland and Chuck Palahniuk. The latter who is mostly known for writing the book that the movie “Fight Club” was based upon…

published on November 26, 2010, by


Everybody wants to be Free. Nobody wants to change.

Have you ever heard your co-workers, classmates, etc. complain about their current situation? Something along the lines of “Not enough pay. Too many over-hours.” or “Stupid professors. Boring seminars.” and if you listen very closely you might hear the three…

published on November 23, 2010, by


Eat when Tired, Sleep when Hungry

Do you sometimes do things which aren’t on point? Do you sometimes do the opposite of what you feel you should? Do you sometimes wonder why it seems you want to do one thing and yet you do another? Don’t…

published on October 7, 2010, by